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‘Bad Three’ tax-cutting measures soundly defeated

Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101, draconian tax-slashing measures deemed so potentially devastating to state finances that opponents took to calling them the...

Colorado schools stand to lose $1 billion if Amendment 60 passes

If Amendment 60 passes in November, students across Colorado will know it. They will soon be in more crowded classrooms and are likely to have fewer after-school and enrichment programs, course offerings and textbooks. Colorado schools will lose more than $1 billion if Amendment 60 passes.

Officials say tax-slashing measures would devastate libraries

BOULDER -- Colorado's librarians are worried. Depending on what voters decide in the November election, libraries around the state could be forced to reduce their hours, slash services, and shut the doors to library branches entirely.

‘Bad Three’ grabbing national attention

It's probably not fair to say everyone’s talking about Colorado’s three tax-cutting ballot proposals, but it is safe to say they are now getting...

In guv debate, Tancredo reverses support for anti-tax initiatives

LOVELAND-- In a gubernatorial debate held here Friday by the Northeastern Colorado group Progressive 15, American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo backed away from his earlier support of the "Bad Three" anti-tax ballot initiatives pushed by anti-government crusader Doug Bruce and heavily backed among the state's tea party voters.
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