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It’s the economy, stupid

One of my friends recently said he hoped John McCain just kept on talking about Iraq, because at the end of the day this election will come down to the economy. That was even before this whole Wall Street mess, which has put the spotlight entirely on the economy to the exclusion of everything else. You do know a car bomb hit our embassy in Yemen yesterday, right? You don’t? Well I’m sure you know that on Monday McCain said the fundamentals of our economy still remain strong.

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Obama economic adviser outlines tax-cut plan

On the heels of Sen. Barack Obama’s speech on the economy in Golden, Colo. and under the shadow of the largest government bailout to date in the evolving credit crisis, Austan Goolsbee, a senior economic advisor to Obama, spoke about the Democratic presidential nominee’s plan for the country’s financial future Sept. 17 at Children’s Hospital in Aurora.

Obama’s Colorado speech: Golden moments and lumps of coal

Barack Obama's speech in Golden on Tuesday — live-blogged by The Colorado Independent's Naomi Zeveloff — is already getting notice in the national press as signaling a prominent shift from Palin-era distractions to a bare-knuckle fight over the economy.
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