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What’s on this 80-year-old cancer patient’s bucket list? Helping to pass...

Patti James has spent her 80 years focusing on her nursing career, responsibilities to her family and foster kids, service to her church and...

C’mon already! The Brady Amendment is just personhood

What do you get when you combine the claim of protecting women, a vague ballot initiative concerning “unborn human beings,” and an email with the subject line, “Praise God! 139,650 Signatures Submitted”? You get a an even-year Colo. election.

Colorado teen drops gay marriage initiative

The grassroots political dream crashed, like so many others, on the shoals of big-bucks ballot-initiative finances. Mark Olmstead, a 19-year-old Colorado voter, was spurred earlier this year by high-profile gay rights advances and increasing popular support for gay rights to try to land an initiative on the ballot in Colorado that would repeal the state's ban on gay marriage. Nic Garcia at Out Front Colorado reports today that Olmstead decided to withdrawal his initiative after failing to win backing for the business of gathering roughly 100,000 signatures by January.

Targeting Mr X: Court-Carroll ballot initiative transparency bill advances

DENVER-- Democratic state lawmakers Rep. Lois Court and Sen. Morgan Carroll have taken another step in their move to head off would-be anonymous Colorado ballot-initiative authors and financiers. A bill they introduced this legislative session comes in response to the farce Colorado Springs anti-tax crusader Doug Bruce made of the initiative process last year, when as "Mr X" he sent detailed emails of instruction to the initiative proponents, failed to report he was housing petition-signature gatherers and dodged subpoena servers for more than three months.

Doug Bruce undergoes something like being served a subpoena

COLORADO SPRINGS-- Anti-tax crusader Doug Bruce, who has ducked more than 30 attempts by the state to serve him with a subpoena in the...

Fla. lawmakers introduce amendment to ban federal health care in the...

It's true. This is happening in Florida, the national repository for people on Medicare. The proposal comes from men who enjoy government health care...

Referendum O set to return in 2010

Referendum O, a bipartisan attempt to make it more difficult to amend Colorado's state constitution, didn't rank among the top controversial ballot initiatives last year. The initiatives that generated heat included one on affirmative-action discrimination and one on the rights of the unborn, which were controversial in part because many voters don’t even believe there are such things as affirmative-action discrimination and the rights of the unborn.
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