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Huge U.S. coal company declares bankruptcy

Arch Coal, a St. Louis-based company with a mine in Somerset, Colorado, filed for bankruptcy Monday.   This story first appeared on High Country News.  One of the nation’s...

Video: Yes! Magazine’s optimistic take on bankruptcy and student loan debt

Fresh out of college, you're burdened with loans. "You didn't land that dream job. You're struggling to make ends meet. But the interest just keeps...

DeGette rails against Solyndra subpoenas as ‘political sideshow’

Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee today called for a subpoena of White House records regarding the half-billion dollar taxpayer loan guarantee of Solyndra, a move Rep. Diana DeGette, the ranking Democrat on the panel, blasted as “an act of irresponsible partisanship.”

Stress-factors mount for Colorado agricultural workers

Six Colorado dairy farms have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this year, with more expected to follow, reports The Denver Post. This report adds to...

Unabashed financial sector still the problem

For more on what went wrong with the economy and why it will be so difficult to fix, there's good material of every length on the web these days -- and most of it lands on one answer.

New bankruptcy fight brews in Congress

Controversial last-minute changes to House legislation empowering bankruptcy judges to alter primary mortgages will do little to prevent struggling homeowners from trying to save their homes through bankruptcy, according to a number of housing advocates who are following the debate. Rather, pressures to limit the scope of a similar Senate bill, expected to be considered next week, pose a greater threat to the effectiveness of the bankruptcy provision, the advocates say.

Colorado foreclosures to top 200,000 in four years

Nearly 202,000 Colorado homeowners are expected to go into foreclosure by 2013, according to a report by the Center for Responsible Lending, with 60,640 foreclosures taking place just this year. The hardest hit district? Doug Lamborn's CD 5 — the home of the Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway and conservative epicenter of personal responsibility.

Bankruptcy is no silver bullet in housing crisis

While packed with carrots encouraging mortgage lenders to modify troubled loans, President Barack Obama’s plan to stem the foreclosure crisis still awaits its stick: the empowerment of bankruptcy judges to alter the terms of primary mortgages.

Bankruptcy lawyers charging $1,000 an hour

I guess there must be a bright side for somebody in any economic downturn, and top bankruptcy lawyers seem to have found it. As hard times hit more businesses, they are charging upwards $1,000 per hour or more for company restructurings, Bloomberg reports.

Bankruptcy reform axed from stimulus package

Congressional Democrats hoping to use the economic stimulus package to force lenders to refinance troubled mortgages have met an unlikely opponent: President Barack Obama. Many Democrats, including Obama, have long-supported the strategy of empowering bankruptcy judges to alter the terms of primary mortgages to prevent foreclosures. But White House officials have said they don’t want the bankruptcy provision in the stimulus bill for fear of alienating Republicans, most of whom oppose the change.
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