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Hickenlooper’s slinging his book just in time for the DNC

Gov. John Hickenlooper has been telling anyone who will listen for months that he has no interest in serving as Hillary Clinton’s vice-presidential pick. Can...

Colorado’s beer industry hops into water politics

Coloradans are fond of saying, “Whiskey’s for drinking, water’s for fighting,” to evoke just how hot-headed the debate over water politics can become. But that statement...

#Coleg notebook: Can we move and eat while we drink, now,...

Roaming while sipping, sipping while roaming If you have been to the Source in Denver, you will have noted the awkward chalk line scrawled around...

Statetap: JeffCo students mull school board recall drive

JeffCo Students for Change organized a rally in Clement Park to consider throwing the bums out. Not related: Colorado breweries rocked this year's Great American Beer Festival, of course.

Critics say beer law could cause microbrews to run dry

Craft brewers and liquor store owners Wednesday argued against a billthat would see convenience stores across the state able to expand their offerings to include full-strength beer. While liquor store owners said the sudden expansion of the market could cause layoffs, and craft brewers predicted a reduction in one of Colorado's growing industries, legislators said their recent approval of Sunday beer sales had stripped convenience stoires of needed revenue.
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