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Colorado’s monster ballot longest in the nation

With a record 18 proposals on everything from oil and gas taxes to unions to the developmentally disabled to gambling, Colorado voters will be weighing in on the longest ballot in Colorado since 1912 — and the largest in the United States this year.

Part III: The “T-Word” Solution to State Budget Problems

Colorado's budget may seem hefty at $17 billion, when actually, it is less than other states at comparable sizes. Simply, there is not enough...

Part II: State Budget in Dollars and Sense; Ref. C

The State of Colorado doesn't have enough money to support services such as education, health care or transportation because of its low tax base...

Part I: Lack of Money, Abundance of Laws Drive Budget Process

Colorado Confidential has been running a series of articles about the $17 billion dollar state budget from the perspective of the Chairman of the...
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