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Wiretap: Cathedral soaked for anti-homeless sprinkler system

San Francisco’s Saint Mary’s Cathedral may preach charity, but the church made a splash with a new way to serve the poor: drenching homeless...

Wiretap: Bibi wins with scary ‘blow up the world’ campaign

Benjamin Netanyahu seems to have won the Israeli vote, according to the exit polls, but at what cost? He has denounced a two-state solution....

Wiretap: Will Republicans still love a Labor-led Zionist Union Israel?

Today's election in Israel is expected to be close. Even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he might lose. But a question that will...

Wiretap: The GOP’s man in Israel

Harold Meyerson points out how curious it is that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has chosen to so overtly ally himself with the Republican...

Wiretap: The face of the Bloomberg movement

The mega-millionaire has no idea how much of the world views him. That's why he doesn't understand that he can't be the face of the gun-control movement.
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