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Dems watching GOP elite to make sure Maes is the man

Despite claims by Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis on his facebook page that he's staying in the race in the wake of plagiarism allegations,...

Ament falling behind Stapleton in raising campaign cash

Widely seen as the front-runner for the GOP nomination for Colorado state treasurer, J.J. Ament has fallen badly behind Walker Stapleton in fund raising....

Ethics Watch: SOS staffers gave bad advice to Clear the Bench

Clear the Bench, a group campaigning to replace Colorado Supreme Court Justices, took what looks like bad advice from Secretary of State staffers last spring when it decided to file with the state as an issue committee rather than as a political action committee. The distinction may sound esoteric but it's exactly the distinction Colorado citizens voted into place in 2004 with Amendment 27 because they believed it could head off the kind of corruption that can swing legal rulings that affect everyday issues-- the safety of drinking water, for example, the outlines of labor rights, the frequency of tax hikes.

Penry-passed pit-liner bill to protect groundwater upheld by Denver judge

A bill mandating stricter handling of oil and gas brine that was passed in 2008 by strange bedfellows Josh Penry, R-Grand Junction, in the...

Secretary of State hobbled in battle against clean-elections violators

Voters in Colorado care about clean elections and voted through a ballot initiative specifically to enact laws governing campaign finances in 2002. Lawbreakers have been caught and fined. But that's apparently where enforcement ends. The list of groups violating the law includes an increasing number that simply skirt the fines judges have levied against them. Secretary of State Bernie Buescher now seems determined to go after the deadbeats, but his office told the Colorado Independent that the law, as it stands now, simply lacks teeth.

GOP stoked for Keystone confab, fanning flames of ‘Rojo Revolution’

For the Colorado Republican Party, it’s time to party like it’s 2010 at Keystone ski resort starting this evening. According to the Denver Post, state...

News Nuggets: 5 August 2009

Dug up fresh, daily. HEALTH-CARE RICHES: Colorado anti- health-care reform protesters are being rallied and bused around tomorrow by "free-market" group Americans for Prosperity. On...

Gessler goes after Buescher with direct-democracy cudgel

Denver attorney and state Republican insider Scott Gessler appears to be building his campaign for secretary of state on opposition to ballot-initiative reform. It's a move that positions him as a populist champion of citizen lawmaking at a time when broad consensus has built among lawmakers and analysts in favor of reining in the state's famously loose initiative process.

Bradford thanks Buescher for losing election

Pink lemonade-swilling GOP state Rep. Laura Bradford's answers to the typically bland Colorado Statesman freshman survey offer up a couple of unexpected doozies between listings of her favorite book, pets' names and who was responsible for campaign-season attack ads.

Quick, Shepherd out as possible U.S. attorneys

Adams County District Attorney Don Quick, reportedly at the top of the list to become Colorado’s next U.S. Attorney, has apparently taken himself out of the running, as has Denver attorney Willie Shepherd, who is active in Democratic Party politics as well as numerous civic and philanthropic boards.
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