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Colorado maternity bill would require coverage for birth control

A proposed state bill that would require Colorado insurance companies to cover maternity care has a new addition: The bill would also require insurance companies to cover birth control.

Who exactly voted down that single-payer resolution?

News outlets across Colorado Monday published a four-sentence AP story reporting that "Colorado lawmakers" rejected a resolution urging Congress to pass a single-payer health...

Birth control bill passes Colorado House, moves on to governor’s desk

Efforts to block a contraception bill shriveled today in the Colorado House after a series of weird and contentious legislative hearings and an unsuccessful attempt during a House floor debate Friday to add a poison pill amendment to insert the religious definition of pregnancy as at the moment of conception.

Birth control bill survives poison pill amendment

Colorado House Republicans failed in their attempt Friday to modify the Birth Control Protection Act that would re-define pregnancy as at the moment of conception. During the floor debate, bill co-sponsor Rep. Anne McGihon (D-Denver) derided the wrecking amendment offered by Rep. Don Marostica (R-Loveland) as a back door tactic to grant "personhood" to fertilized eggs.

Contraception foes share bizarre theories, intimate lives at House hearing

During a hearing Monday on the Birth Control Protection Act, five anti-contraception witnesses spoke out, often with rambling filibusters and indelicate public disclosures about their personal sexual histories.

Harvey, Lundberg argue contraception kills on Senate birth control bill

Semantics were the order of the day when conservative Republican state senators attempted to weaken a bill defining contraception arguing that the state must first define that "life begins at conception."

Colorado Dems Decry Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald and Sen. Betty Boyd released statements today criticizing the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling to uphold the federal, so-called Partial Birth...

Ritter Signs EC in the ER Bill

Sen. Betty Boyd will finally see a bill become law today that she's worked for four years to get passed. Gov. Ritter will sign...

House Committee Says Yes To EC in the ER

A bill that would require hospitals to tell rape victims about emergency contraception moved one step closer to becoming law today as Senate Bill...

New Plan B Bill This Session?

Will state Senator Betty Boyd try for a fifth time this session to make emergency contraception more available to Colorado women? In past years,...
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