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Colorado schools stand to lose $1 billion if Amendment 60 passes

If Amendment 60 passes in November, students across Colorado will know it. They will soon be in more crowded classrooms and are likely to have fewer after-school and enrichment programs, course offerings and textbooks. Colorado schools will lose more than $1 billion if Amendment 60 passes.

Officials say tax-slashing measures would devastate libraries

BOULDER -- Colorado's librarians are worried. Depending on what voters decide in the November election, libraries around the state could be forced to reduce their hours, slash services, and shut the doors to library branches entirely.

Auto innovator still promising to ‘Super Size’ gas mileage for used...

Back in December during the most heated debate about the looming bailout of the Big Three automakers (which turned into a twosome with Ford...

Giant gas-guzzling GM goes belly up; tiny electric Tesla Motors thrives

Last week, SFGate noted that tiny Silicon Valley electric car company Tesla Motors was worth half of General Motors, the largest car company in the world.

Big 3 bailout votes split by party lines, campaign contributors

It doesn't come as much surprise that the Colorado congressional delegation's votes on the $14 billion financial bailout of the U.S. auto industry split along party lines. The House Dems supported the bill while their Republican counterparts, CD 5's Doug Lamborn and CD 4's Marilyn Musgrave, rejected the plan. Retiring Rep. Tom Tancredo did not vote. Where it gets interesting is the apparent correlation between partisan vote splitting and which special interest group supports said lawmaker.
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