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Benny Johnson: Still good at purveying bad information

Benny Johnson is the viral politics editor-digital director guy fired from BuzzFeed now at the National Review who has a knack for making meme...

Wiretap: Opec plays long game to defeat U.S. fracking

What will falling oil prices do to fracking? It depends whom you ask. John Cassidy writes in the New Yorker that the reason Saudis...

JeffCo Election Day countdown: The view from the eye of the...

  HOLLY Lindsey is the voter all those TV ads are aimed at. She has lived nearly all her life in Jefferson County. She’s middle-class, churchgoing,...

Littwin: The Big Dog cuts to the chase

  Bill Clinton may have his flaws -- some pretty significant ones at that -- but you can't deny the Big Dog his genius. And...

Wiretap: To their opponents, Bill and Hillary forever sexy

"It apparently hasn’t occurred to these outraged moral arbiters that the projection of sex scandals onto a couple campaigning as beloved national grandparents will strike many as ludicrous."

Wiretap: It’s personal

Texas lawmaker and candidate for governor Wendy Davis has an incredible personal story. Is all of it true? Would any of the personal stuff matter -- either way -- if she were a man?

Wiretap: A million more on the Obamacare rolls

What does it mean? For Democrats, Obamacare has to work. For Republicans, it has to fail. All arguments have to be seen in that light.

Wiretap: In Hudak-land, full-bore gun nasty

It's getting even nastier than expected in the effort to recall state Sen. Evie Hudak. Accusations are flying across the streets of Arvada, where lawn signs are moved, cameras are slapped epithets hurled. Just another month or so to go.

Wiretap: Gridlock-buster in Chief

While Washington is still fighting about Obamacare, the Clintons -- who lost the fight on Hillarycare -- are moving on. The Washington Post says the Clinton theme for 2016 is beating gridlock. You think Hillary's not going to run?

Wiretap: Recalled Senator Giron claims victory over gun lobby

Pueblo's Angela Giron lost her state Senate seat when gun-rights groups organized to recall her. She writes in the Washington Post that it wasn't a complete loss.
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