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Marilyn Musgrave in New York rallies the conservative troops

What does it look like when the arch-conservatives come to town? They're swarming places like Watertown in upstate New York, where semi-qualified Conservative...

Musgrave campaigning for Hoffman in New York

Marilyn Musgrave, the Republican 4th District U.S. Representative who lost to Rep. Betsy Markey last year, has joined the national right-wing effort to elect...

Norton’s growing list of lobbyist-donors draws more fire

DENVER — ProgressNow Colorado founder and CEO Michael Huttner today in the Capitol presented a list of high-powered Washington, D.C., lobbyists who have donated to U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton since she launched her campaign last month. Combing through Norton's latest finance disclosure forms, Huttner's progressive activist organization found eleven top national lobbyists among her donors, many of them the source of ethics scandals and the targets of investigation.

Penry: Ritter using downturn to push ‘soft on crime’ agenda

On Caplis and Silverman's KHOW talk radio show on Tuesday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry attacked Gov. Bill Ritter for releasing "hardened criminals" and sex offenders earlier than parole boards advised, picking up a well-worn GOP tack on Democrats as "soft on crime."

Ritter points to future growth, asks for near-term sacrifices

IDAHO SPRINGS — Kicking off a series of planned town halls here Thursday, Gov. Bill Ritter told a crowd that included many concerned county employees that the budget crisis would undoubtedly worsen next year due to lagging revenue, but that he was confident his focus on building a New Energy Economy in the state would generate industry and jobs in a future-directed, "truly 21st century way." This is about "securing quality of life for generations," he said.

Undeclared U.S. Senate candidate Norton receives national nod, frustrating right bloggers

Raising ire among state conservative bloggers, the National Republican Senatorial Committee appears to have already chosen a favorite in the race to challenge U.S....

Conservative blogger says Beauprez out, Norton in for 2010 Senate race

Prominent conservative blogger Ben DeGrow writes Monday afternoon that former U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez won't be taking on Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet next...

Political payback? Posting of McInnis 527 comment could be conservative GOP...

Former six-term Republican congressman Scott McInnis, who’s all but announced he intends to run for the governor’s office in 2010, may be getting some payback for taking on the conservative base of the state party just before the 2008 election.

Dwindling education budget funds to pay for GOP’s Churchill trial

The unending Colorado budget crisis continues. There's not enough money, say lawmakers, to grant undocumented Colorado students in-state tuition. The Legislature this week is floating a $300 million cut to higher education. Yet there's lots of money to waste on political court battles that the state has no hope of winning.

Poll: Bennet would beat Tancredo, lose to Owens, but is largely...

Colorado's junior senator, Michael Bennet, is viewed more favorably than not among voters who know him but is still a mystery to nearly half of those contacted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) in a survey released Tuesday. The Democrat beat three potential GOP opponents in hypothetical 2010 match-ups — he bested former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo 48-39, and scored six-point leads over state Attorney General John Suthers and former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis, though both said Monday they weren't interested in the race — and polled three points behind former Gov. Bill Owens, who hasn't indicated any interest in running for the Senate.