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Colorado teen marijuana case attracts more TV coverage; district says hands...

A Colorado Springs school district spokesperson told the Colorado Independent this morning that the district's hands are tied by state law in terms of how it handles the case of a student with a prescription for medical marijuana.

Cannabis Council reaches out to help Colorado Springs medical marijuana teenager

Mark Slaugh, membership director of the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council, today wrote to Rep. Mark Barker, R-Colorado Springs, and Sen. John Morse, D-Colorado Springs to urge legislative action on behalf of a teenage medical marijuana patient being denied access to his medicine by Harrison School District 2.

Medical marijuana patient is back in school, and loving it

Bill Smith is angry at his school district and at state lawmakers, but says he is thrilled to be back in school. Being out of school for a year has given him a focus he lacked in the past.

Colorado Springs teen with pot prescription tangled in red-tape nightmare

Colorado high school student misses a year of school with rare disorder, which is now under control thanks to medical marijuana--but he can't bring his pills to school.
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