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Medical marijuana community up in arms over Roach comments

Declaring that marijuana has no known medical value, The DEA's new regional chief Barbra Roach has also let it be known that she would find a place to live that does not allow medical marijuana businesses. It is not surprising that in Colorado, where voters have approved medical marijuana, some find her comments to be more than a little offensive.

VIDEO: PBS looks at medical value of cannabis

Montana is a hotbed of contradiction, especially when it comes to medical marijuana. Voters overwhelmingly approved medical marijuana in 2004, but in 2011 the state legislature voted to dramatically restrict access to medical marijuana. Now, Montana PBS has produced an exemplary documentary, focusing on the medical uses of marijuana, with interviews with patients, doctors, scientists and medical marijuana critics.

VIDEO: Bill Smith’s condition takes a dive as he speaks out...

Chaz Moore--known as 'Bill Smith' to many--a high school student in Colorado Springs who uses medical marijuana to control a rare neurological disorder, has become something of a celebrity, with a web site, T-shirts and regular gigs as a public speaker. Unfortunately his condition has worsened, forcing him to finish high school with online classes.

Attorney Corry, Rep. Polis weigh in on Fed marijuana letter

Denver attorney Robert Corry spoke out this week against federal scare tactics he said were being used to create uncertainty in Colorado's medical marijuana community.

Bill Smith Legal Fund to be established

"I am Bill Smith" proclaim hundreds of T-shirts on sale as a fundraiser for the Bill Smith Legal Fund. Bill Smith is the fictitious name of a high school boy whose struggles to attend school while using medical marijuana have been chronicled by The Colorado Independent.

Acree amends brownie killer bill to stave off Cap’n Chronic and...

Rep. Cindy Acree, R-Aurora, said Tuesday, that she will amend a bill that many fear will make edible marijuana products in the state illegal.

Medical marijuana teen says everything would change if lawmakers needed MMJ

Bill Smith, the teenage medical marijuana patient whose quest for an education The Colorado Independent has chronicled over the past month, made the TV news again last night in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs teenage medical marijuana patient thankful for ‘small victory’

The teenage marijuana patient in Colorado Springs says he considers it a “small victory” that he is now able to go back to school on the days he has to come home to take a medical marijuana THC pill or lozenge. The boy and his father are still adamant, however, that state law needs to be changed so that he can bring his lozenges to school.

Colorado teen medical marijuana case discussed Friday morning at am 1300

KCSF radio in Colorado Springs is currently airing an hour-long discussion of the "Bill Smith" medical marijuana case.

Colorado teen marijuana case attracts more TV coverage; district says hands...

A Colorado Springs school district spokesperson told the Colorado Independent this morning that the district's hands are tied by state law in terms of how it handles the case of a student with a prescription for medical marijuana.
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