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Climate change, urban demands, energy exploration tapping out Colorado River

The once-lush delta where the Colorado River used to spill out into the Sea of Cortez is now a dry sandy landscape in Mexico where “America's hardest-working river” is too tired to finish the job. Climate change, urban demand and a burgeoning energy industry are literally tapping the Colorado River to death.

Science Sunday: Pulmonary Fibrosis, Boston Marathon and the Rings of Saturn

More Women Falling to Pulmonary Fibrosis Men over the age of 65 years and women in all age groups are dying more often from pulmonary...

Bald Eagle Is Officially Back

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will officially remove the bald eagle from its list of threatened and endangered species on Thursday. In 1963, there...

Colorado’s most populous birds losing ground

Some of America's most common birds -- including many in Colorado -- are experiencing dramatic population declines, mostly as a result of agricultural and...
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