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Reproductive rights groups petitioning for elimination of birth control co-pays

Reproductive justice groups all over the country — including in Miami — are petitioning the feds to eliminate co-pays for birth control through the Affordable Care Act.

Bishop conference lobbies against mandating contraception in health plans

Despite the overwhelming acceptance of birth control among Catholics, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church continues to ask U.S. lawmakers to restrict access to contraceptive services.

In GOP abortion bills, DeGette, Pelosi see opportunity to rally...

Colorado U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that the series of Republican anti-abortion bills introduced in the House this month presents pro-choice lawmakers with an opportunity to shed light on the motivations driving such bills. They said that, given the facts, the mainstream American public and complacent lawmakers will not only rally against these specific bills but also more readily stand guard against similar future efforts to cut back on women's rights.

‘Women’s issues’: Major factor or mere distraction in Colo Senate race

The media has ignited this week with stories in Colorado centered on "life" and "women's" issues. Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet is underlining GOP rival...

Fact checking the fact checkers on Buck’s birth control stance

You’re excused for missing it, but there’s some disagreement among local TV reporters about whether Ken Buck’s anti-abortion stance means he’d oppose common birth-control...

Buck, Bennet split on personhood’s impacts on contraception

Republican U.S Senate candidate Ken Buck's campaign says the Weld County DA supports birth control if it does not stop the implantation of a zygote in the uterine wall, while incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet's campaign this week said the senator believes in choice.
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