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Reader’s view: Boulder’s “Bike Lives Matter” trivializes racial injustice

Biking to work a few days ago in Boulder, I was greeted by signs proclaiming that “bike lives matter” along a controversial section of...

Wiretap: Will U.S. help in Syrian refugee crisis? Probably not

Refugee crisis What will the United States do to help resolve the Syrian refugee crisis? The National Journal says, probably not much in the summer of...

Police charge Manitou Springs mom for torching Confederate flag

Patricia Cameron and her 8-year-old son were both asleep last Wednesday night when there was a knock at their door. “It was 11 at night,...

Littwin: Taking down the Confederate flag and racist pride, too

It's not the end of racism, any more that electing and re-electing Barack Obama was the end of racism. But it might just be the end of pretending that racism doesn't exist, the end of pretending that somehow talking about race is the real racism, the end of the idea that all we have to do to end racial discrimination is just announce that we'll stop discriminating.