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DeGette rounds up votes to defeat anti-abortion health reform amendment

House Democratic leaders might have thought they dodged a bullet on Saturday when they agreed to appease moderate Dems with an amendment to restrict...

Reid trying to speed Udall bill to expedite credit card reforms

Senate leaders are trying to “hotline” a bill that would expedite previously passed credit card reforms to prevent companies from hiking rates and fees...

Republicans ratchet up concern they’ll be stiff-armed in health-reform debate

After three weeks of stalling over controversial amendments to legislation extending unemployment benefits, Senate GOP leaders are floating a new message as they criticize...

Hasty Medicare bill a bumbling gift to anti-reform Republicans

With Democratic leaders hoping to bring up legislation to fix, once and for all, the formula to pay doctors who treat Medicare patients, a...

Mobbed Joe the Plumber reflective at Take Back America Conference

Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher was a late addition to the speaker lineup at the How to Take Back America Conference last weekend in...

Gary Hart: Afghanistan election observer, blogger

Last Sunday, U.S. Senator-turned author and university department chair Gary Hart began blogging his experience as an international observer for the Afghanistan elections at...

Denver Post endorses Republican Clapp in SD-26 race

The Denver Post has endorsed Republican candidate Lauri Clapp for a contested state senate seat located in the southern suburbs of Denver, despite the fact that the daily has had apparent qualms with the candidate in the past—reservations that motivated the paper to endorse three of Clapp's legislative challengers in the last ten years.

Amendment 54 would bar political donations from union officials’ kin

A so-called “clean government” initiative that would snuff out political contributions given by certain labor unions has a little-known clause targeting the immediate family members of union officials and supporters.

Media catches on to ‘clean government’ campaign’s transparency woes

Backers of an initiative campaign hyping the values of "clean government" are funding their efforts with anonymous cash, and the mainstream media is starting to catch on.