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Colorado GOP presidential straw poll: If not Romney, then Bachmann!

Last weekend Colorado Republicans huddled at their annual Centennial Dinner and took a presidential election straw poll. To their credit, perhaps, attendees at the party seemed as uninspired by the GOP candidate choices so far as does the rest of the nation. They liked Mitt Romney best, a safe choice. Runner up was not a safe choice. Maybe it was the late hour and the flowing champagne, but after Romney came Minnesota Congresswoman wingnut Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party U.S. history fan who announced she was contemplating a run at the White House the same day she put the battles of Lexington and Concord in New Hampshire instead of Massachusetts. Also strange is that Colorado Republicans also liked Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty. The former governor came in third in the poll. He was the first candidate to formally announce for president but few Americans outside of Minnesota and the Centennial Dinner crowd could pick him out of a line up.
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