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Udall, Bennet join Blue Dog group of ‘moderate’ Democratic senators

Colorado's two freshman senators, Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, are part of a self-described centrist group of 15 Democrats meeting regularly "seeking to restrain the influence of party liberals in the White House and on Capitol Hill," according to an account in Roll Call (subscription required). The group has a "shared commitment to pursue moderate, mainstream and fiscally sustainable policies across a range of issues, such as health care reform, the housing crisis, educational reform, and energy policy," according to a statement issued Wednesday by the group.

Feds’ spending binge likely coming to an end

As Washington focuses its attention on the trillions of dollars in fixes for the current economic meltdown, some economists and budget watchdogs are warning of an even greater menace to the country’s financial health: the long-term budget crisis.
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