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Scorecard singles out conservation heroes, villains in 2012 Colorado legislative session

The economy and the environment “both won” in Colorado's legislative session this year, according to an annual scorecard that a leading state environmental group released Thursday.

Colorado Legislature tightens campaign finance rules

The Colorado Legislature acted quickly and in bipartisan fashion today to require biweekly campaign finance disclosures in advance of this year's primary elections in June.

Special session or courts only options left for redistricting

After months of intense talks and partisan attempts to rearrange the congressional districts by Republicans and Democrats, the Colorado General Assembly's redistricting attempt failed to produce a map. The Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee killed an amended Republican map, moving the battle out of the Legislature--at least for now.

“Birther” bill killed in committee

A Senate committee axed three Republican immigration bills Monday. The committee, on a party-line vote, turned down legislation that targeted voting accessibility and immigration concerns. Also killed was a bill ridiculed by some as a "birther bill." That legislation would have required elected officials to present proof of citizenship upon taking office.

Republicans line up to testify in favor of doomed tax-hike moratorium

Republicans lined up to testify Wednesay in the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee on a declaration the Senate would never officially declare. SR 11-04 called for the Senate to put its foot down and state for the record that it would not raise taxes during the legislative session. Democrats all voted no and the bill died.

Gessler’s citizenship voter bill killed in Senate committee

Secretary of State Scott Gessler's bill to require proof of citizenship of all Colorado voters died Monday in a Senate committee--on a party-line vote. Proof the bill is needed just wasn't there, Democrats said.

Tax checkoff bill could bring minor relief to schools

Senate committee pass two bills to provide better funding for education. Legislators say voters need to be aware that education funding is quickly falling to crisis levels.

With deep cuts looming some Colorado school districts look to Walmart...

The surplus of $172.6 million transferred to the education fund in the governor's 2010-2011 FY budget isn't expected to do much to save school districts from having to make deep cuts that would see teachers and staff lose jobs.

Concealed carry bill shot down in Senate committee

A bill that would have allowed anyone able to purchase a handgun in Colorado to conceal the weapon was shot down in the State and Military Affairs Committee today.

Ranked voting will be on the ballot in Fort Collins

Advocates from across the political spectrum officially launched a campaign this week to radically change how Fort Collins elects city officials.
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