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Libertarians think Bob’s the best, Barr none

There are 16 candidates for president on the 2008 Colorado Ballot but according to the polls, only 3% of voters are expected to read past the first two. Despite the fact that he was shut out of the debates and has been working with a relatively stingy budget, Libertarian candidate for president Bob Barr hopes they will.

Bob Barr Enters Presidential Race; Ron Paul Won’t Go Quietly

What a day for the Republican Party. While Rush Limbaugh luxuriates in his Operation Chaos hijinks, it seems that some longtime GOP members have...

Author Warns of Short Jump from Torture to Totalitarianism

"I don't think we would react to the Abu Ghraib images now the way we did in 2004." Naomi Wolf issued the indictment after a...
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