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Proposed census amendment creates odd bedfellows

Once again this year, a group of evangelical Latinos ostensibly working for immigration reform find themselves in lock-step with the anti-immigration movement. Last week, several...

Mobbed Joe the Plumber reflective at Take Back America Conference

Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher was a late addition to the speaker lineup at the How to Take Back America Conference last weekend in...

Salazar rips ‘bitter obstructionism’ as GOP senators reject Interior deputy

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar blasted Republican senators Wednesday for voting down his pick for deputy secretary. The Senate's 57-39 vote fell three votes shy of the 60 votes required to thwart a threatened Republican filibuster against the nomination of David Hayes, an environmental lawyer who served as Interior's No. 2 for the last three years of the Clinton administration. It was the first time the Senate has blocked an Obama nomination.
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