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Lamborn ekes out GOP primary win in 5th Congressional District

In Congressional District 5, the election was so close that it wasn’t until 10:45 p.m. Tuesday that retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Bentley Rayburn finally called to congratulate incumbent Rep. Doug Lamborn.

Colorado’s not entirely establishment Republican candidate for governor

You can run either as the establishment's electable candidate or as the plain-speaking red-meat dishing conservative. But you can't run as both.

Tancredo will be Tancredo

The Colorado GOP’s nightmare is coming true. Tom Tancredo, unfazed by the candidates running against him, is speeding toward victory in the primary race for governor.  

As politicians edge away from Occupy Denver, one state rep. joins...

It is rare that this many politicians agree on anything, but in Colorado most seem to agree that it is wiser not to comment on Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Denver.

Road to the White House runs through Colorado

Experts say Colorado could be the state that tips the 2012 presidential election. "It will be hard to win a close election without winning Colorado," said Colorado College political science professor Bob Loevy.

PPP: Perry rides tea party, anti-science wave to front of pack...

As if to prove Colorado College political science professor Bob Loevy is correct when he says the current presidential nominating process gives too much power to fringe groups in small states, Rick Perry is riding a strong anti-science sentiment to the lead in Iowa polling. He also leads Republican contenders in Colorado.

Rick Perry’s immigration issues point at what’s wrong with the process,...

To be successful as the governor of Texas, it doesn't hurt to be a friend to the Latino community. To become the Republican presidential nominee, however, it may hurt a great deal.

Redistricting is ugly for sure, but a look back at the...

Redistricting happens every 10 years. It's the law. It's never pretty and it is seldom fair, but it always gets done. Last time, it took years and years before the U.S. Supreme Court finally said enough is enough. Will Colorado go down that road again this year? No one knows. Democrats and Republicans will either compromise or they can carry their briefcases from the Capitol to the Court House. It is up to them.

‘Bad Three’ grabbing national attention

It's probably not fair to say everyone’s talking about Colorado’s three tax-cutting ballot proposals, but it is safe to say they are now getting...

Hickenlooper releases 23 years of tax returns

Candidates for governor John Hickenlooper and Scott MicInnis this week released tax returns to the media. Democrat Hickenlooper released 23 years of returns, which list nearly $3 million in charitable gifts of cash, stocks and real estate.
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