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Battleground HD 52 stays in Democratic hands

After narrowly winning a first term to the state House in 2006, Democrat John Kefalas won a resounding victory over moderate Republican Bob McCluskey for the House District 52 seat in Fort Collins.

Larimer County: Another GOP stronghold moves leftward

Home to the state's only agricultural university, Rocky Mountain National Park and many ranches, Larimer County has traditionally been a Republican stronghold in Colorado. But, as President George W. Bush's approval ratings play gutterball, the unpopular war in Iraq continues and the economy continues to rock and roll, Larimer County's electorate is starting to swing in a moderate direction with upticks in the number of Democrat and unaffiliated voters. That shift is being eyed by strategists and politicos carefully this year as the northern Colorado county could be one of a handful to play a pivotal role in the November election.

Kefalas, McCluskey face off again in tight HD 52 race

Democrat John Kefalas and Republican Bob McCluskey know close elections. The men battled for the House District 52 seat in 2004 when McCluskey won by 500 votes. In 2006 it was Kefalas who ran to victory, winning with 53 percent of the vote. Fast-forward to 2008, and the two are at it again.
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