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Douglas County schools candidate draws ethics complaint

In what some might see as a revealing small chapter of contemporary U.S. politics, an ugly school board election in Douglas County has seen the local Republican Party use hard-line ideological arguments to promote preferred "freedom-loving" Republican candidates over teachers' union-endorsed "liberal" Republican candidates. In a race that sees Republicans eating Republicans, the point seems to be less about the candidates than it is about the kind of school system a right-wing GOP would like to install in Douglas County.

Republicans attack Republicans as Obama-style socialists in Douglas School Board Race

The Douglas County school board elections are turning into an oddly partisan affair, one that pits Republicans against Republicans in an ugly campaign that...

Inhofe oil-shale attack on Ritter uninformed by Colorado River realities

Maybe if the Colorado River flowed through Oklahoma –- a feat geographically challenged Colorado Republicans like Scott McInnis and Bob Schaffer could probably pull...

Advocacy group wants to buy McInnis geography book after mountain mixup

The liberal finger-waggers at ProgressNow Colorado pounced Monday on Scott McInnis with an offer to help the Grand Junction Republican "learn the geography of...

McInnis warned Schaffer against misplacing mountains last year

Last spring, when U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer hastily pulled a campaign ad picturing Alaska's Mount McKinley and replaced it with one featuring Colorado landmark Pikes Peak, Scott McInnis didn't have much sympathy, but he did have some stern words of warning for his fellow Republican. "Such mishaps tend to accumulate, said former 3rd Congressional District U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis, a Grand Junction Republican."

Candidate McInnis moves mountains — from Canadian Rockies to Colorado

What is it with Colorado politicians and their mountains? No, Mount McKinley isn't Pikes Peak, and the Canadian Rockies are nowhere to be found in the Centennial State. Hours after launching his campaign Web site to much fanfare, official Republican gubernatorial hopeful Scott McInnis yanked from the site a prominent graphic featuring a vista of Lake Louise, a resort nestled in the Canadian Rockies. The Canadian terrain appeared behind the question, "What do you want for the future of Colorado?"

Penry, and his name recognition, MIA at Larimer GOP straw poll

Larimer County Republican insiders nibbled away at conventional wisdom regarding Colorado Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry's prospects in the coming gubernatorial primary.

Margarita pitchman Schaffer hawks family blend, 140 characters at a time

Former Republican congressman and erstwhile Senate candidate Bob Schaffer has taken his passion for margaritas a step further on the ethernet, inaugurating a Twitter account for Coyote Gold. That's right, the 37-proof "Microbrew of Margaritas" is now dispensing tweets via the ubiquitous, fast-growing social networking tool. Here's one of the first, posted shortly after the account went live Tuesday night:

Forget Ritter, can McInnis even make it past Penry?

The question is no longer whether Scott McInnis would have beaten Mark Udall in last year’s U.S. Senate race – a suggestion he made to the Colorado Independent that touched off a minor firestorm last fall – but just how he’ll fare getting the GOP nod to take on Gov. Bill Ritter next year.

Former Senate candidate Schaffer pitches margaritas at Cinco de Mayo

Has Bob Schaffer finally decided to court the Latino vote? The former Republican congressman and twice-failed hopeful for the U.S. Senate notoriously spurned entreaties by Hispanic GOP leaders to target Colorado's fastest-growing bloc of voters. “I’ve never campaigned like that," Schaffer said shortly before going down to defeat to Democrat Mark Udall by 11 points. "I consider myself to be an American first.” Fast forward six months. Margarita pitchman Schaffer is turning attention to the state's Hispanic culture in a big way, targeting Denver's Cinco de Mayo celebration with family concoction Coyote Gold named the "Official Margarita" of the holiday, which commemorates a blow struck for Mexican independence.
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