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McInnis touts transparency, dodges media and ProgressNow

DENVER-- Progressive activist group ProgressNow called for greater transparency from Republican candidate for governor Scott McInnis Tuesday outside the Denver Athletic Club, where McInnis was scheduled to debate Democratic candidate and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. The group hoped to give McInnis a petition from nearly 2000 Coloradans asking him to disclose more of his personal financial history.

McInnis support for Arizona immigration law drawing appalled reactions

Colorado Democratic Party leaders and rights groups are voicing appalled reaction to statements made Wednesday by GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis, who lauded Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for signing tough, deeply controversial and perhaps unconstituional immigration laws in the country last week. McInnis said he would seek to do the same thing in Colorado were he to win election.

McInnis dodges financial disclosure, fears ‘taking a beating’

The race for governor in Colorado took a turn this weekend, as the candidates released tax returns to the public. Democrat John Hickenlooper released more than two decades of returns. Republican Scott McInnis released only a couple of years' worth, and he released those returns reluctantly. Indeed, on April 15 he told Fox News Radio in Loveland that he wasn't going to comply with a Denver Post request to release his returns. "I'm not going to invite myself to my own beating," he told hosts Keith Weinman and Gail Fallen. Although the Fox News hosts didn't ask him to elaborate, media outlets and activist groups have taken up the cause.

Activist group ProgressNow calls for boycott of business behind Obama-jihad billboard

In response to a billboard campaign launched this week linking Pres. Obama to terrorist jihad and the Fort Hood shootings, ProgressNow has issued an...
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