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Wiretap: Obama apologizes for two Western hostages killed in drone strikes

Droning On President Obama has relied on the clean, subtle technique of killing with drones. But independent investigations have found that his administration is underestimating the...

Religious freedom confusions: Banning mosques and vouchers for Muslim schools

Louisiana Republican Rep. Valerie Hodges wants a do over. When she enthusiastically supported Gov. Bobby Jindal's private school voucher program this year, she had no idea Muslim schools and Christian schools would enjoy the same access to public funding.

Lunchtime Links: Colorado’s non-mysterious ‘Mr X’ and other bad actors

These links are for those yet to read about "Mr X" the non-mystery man behind the three tax-slashing ballot initiatives meant to starve Colorado...

WashPo versus DenPo on ‘rising’ Republican Josh Penry

Today, Washington Post writer Chris Cillizza featured Colorado Republican state senator Josh Penry in his series "The Rising," which profiles up-and-coming politicians across the...

Josh Penry: He’ll be your Bobby Jindal

State Sen. Penry announced his candidacy for governor to absolutely no one's surprise Saturday. His campaign website is now live and includes video clips...

Real Republican leaders emerge in budget battle

Faced with unprecedented budget shortfalls that could tank higher education in the state, forcing campus closings and steep tuition hikes, Colorado lawmakers are leaning on pragmatists Al White, R-Hayden, and Don Marostica, R-Loveland — both of whom labor on the Colorado Legislature's Joint Budget Committee, which has got to be one of the most difficult and thankless jobs in government.

Sarah PAC denies Palin polling in Iowa

Welcome to the Möbius strip that is the Iowa presidential caucus. Our Iowa Independent colleague Chase Martyn has the skinny on recent pre-, pre-, pre-caucus favorability polling on Sarah Palin.
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