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Wiretap: Obama considers using executive authority to expand gun control

Gun control Obama is now considering expanding background checks for gun sales using executive authority, as Hillary Clinton had suggested. It's not clear who thought of...

Littwin: Bibi came, wowed Republicans, offered no plan

If you look past the Democratic boycott and past the GOP's fawning Bibi BFF love-fest and past the regrettable fact of a Joe Biden-free...

Littwin: Obama unbowed, challenges Republican Congress to step up

You can forget nearly every detail you heard in Barack Obama's seventh State of the Union speech. The speech wasn't actually about policy. Obama...

Wiretap: Sound and fury and billions of dollars

The shutdown/default drama is finally at an end. And it ended just the way everyone figured it would.

Wiretap: No deal, yet

We're another step closer to default. The House wasted a day, unable to come up with a plan of its own, forcing the Senate to try to rescue what critics left and right now call the House suicide caucus. What's next?

Wiretap: Shutdown continues, humiliation looms

Is there a way to walk the House Republicans back from the abyss? National Journal's Michael Hirsh says Obama will have to blink.

Religious leaders differ on impact of debt deal

The debt ceiling agreement approved early this week by Congress, rejected by an array of U.S. religious leaders, also prompted a response from religious groups that do not support “big government.”
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