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Boulder in midst of fight to determine who supplies the light

In Boulder, there is little debate over the cause of climate change. Everyone knows wind and solar are good and coal is bad. You would think the carbon conscious residents and council members would hop all over Xcel’s recent proposal to deliver 70 percent wind power to the city by 2013 and 90 percent by 2020. Well, it’s not that simple. While carbon reduction is a goal, it’s not the only goal.

Municipalizing energy may be just as difficult as it sounds, expert...

Opinions are mixed as Boulder considers whether to forge stronger relationship with Xcel or form its own municipal utility provider.

Boulder lets Xcel franchise deal lapse while city explores greener energy

BOULDER – After failing to reach an agreement with Xcel Energy that would adequately reduce the city’s reliance on fossil fuels, the Boulder City Council this week guaranteed the city will allow a 20-year Xcel franchise agreement to expire at the end of this year by voting not to put the issue on the November ballot.

New Era knocks on doors for SmartRegs in Boulder

BOULDER-- Progressive political activist group New Era Colorado took to the streets this weekend here to gather signatures from the student community in support of proposed regulations that would force rental properties in Boulder to lower energy usage through efficiency upgrades.
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