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CSU llama farm another flood loss

University officials got word days ago that the 26 long-necked wooly creatures had succumbed to the rushing water and isolation that struck areas across northern Colorado.

Climate-change analysts watching Colorado flood-insurance market

BOULDER, Colo. -- About a month before the floodwaters tore through town, NOAA released its climate-change report.

Politics of disaster relief catch up with Colorado Republicans

Already, national media outlets are pointing out that Colorado's four Republican congressmen voted against disaster relief funding for Hurricane Sandy victims in January.

It’s still raining

BOULDER Colo.-- It's Monday and it's been raining on and off, but mostly on, here for a six days. The forecast for today is...

When it rains

BOULDER, Colo. -- We thought it was like any rainy night, like the last few nights, and enjoyed the smell of rain filling the dry mountains—until my girlfriend Anna’s hair became curly again.
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