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Wiretap: Colorado judge casts wary eye on state marriage ban

District Court Judge Scott Crabtree has become the latest black-robed skeptic of arguments leveled in court against gay marriage. The state's gay marriage ban can't really be about procreation, he said.

Wiretap: Cliven Bundy and the cop killers

“[Bundy] put our people in grave danger by calling in armed civilians from around the country, and that’s not okay.”

Wiretap: Percentage of Americans without health insurance way down

"Thanks Obamacare!" It may remain a political hot potato -- forever -- but the controversial law appears to be doing exactly what it was intended to do.

Wiretap: No man left behind, including Bowe Bergdahl

  Michael Hastings' 2012 Rolling Stone piece on the last U.S. prisoner in Afghanistan, Bowe Bergdahl, is worth looking back on, given that the Obama...
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