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Cruz staffer tweet-whines about health care choices

Colorado political observers will recognize this as a Rep. Cory Gardner-style dig at Obamacare. As was the case with him, all Carpenter has to do is surf to an exchange website. She's got time, she's on furlough.

In Wisconsin, Kloppenburg wins all-precinct tally; most but not all votes...

According to TPM, with all precincts reporting, incumbent conservative Justice David Prosser trails liberal-backed challenger Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg by roughly 300 votes out of 1.5 million cast. The incredible tally makes a recount certain in an election that effectively put the hard-charging anti-union politics of Governor Scott Walker to a vote.

Tuesday Link Dump: Has 4Chan hobbled Gawker?

Gawker called out 4Chan.org's notorious /b/ message board for singling out an 11 year old YouTuber and posting her personal info on the web....
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