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Wiretap: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor suffers historic blow-out defeat

Clearly, there is something terribly wrong with the way top-level Republicans are running their campaigns.

Wiretap: What makes a Great Recession

The tech bubble was bad. But it affected rich people. The housing bubble was the same, except much worse, because it affected the middle class. A middle class hit is a round-house blow.

Cruz staffer tweet-whines about health care choices

Colorado political observers will recognize this as a Rep. Cory Gardner-style dig at Obamacare. As was the case with him, all Carpenter has to do is surf to an exchange website. She's got time, she's on furlough.

On Hot-Button Election-Reform Bill, It’s Gessler Versus the Clerks

DENVER -- Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler arrived late to testify at the Senate committee hearing, but he came prepared. A practiced courtroom lawyer, he began slowly. He threw in folksy asides. He answered his own rhetorical questions. And he smiled at the majority-Democratic committee members as he railed against the election-reform bill they all support and that he wants desperately to derail. It was a dramatic moment in Colorado politics that had been building since Gessler took office two years ago.

Wisconsin recall elections: A sign of hope or more hell?

Today, Wisconsin is holding the greatest recall election in U.S. history. Six Republican senators are on the block, a result of Governor Scott Walker's sweeping anti-worker's rights proposals and the legislative maneuvering he engineered to pass them, which managed to offend Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike. Amid a deep jobless recession, the brief Wisconsin campaigns have reportedly drawn roughly $40 million in spending. The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza describes them as "special elections on steroids," but adds that it's hard to draw any conclusions about what the unique showdown means

Citizens United gets the Story of Stuff treatment

With her 20 minute "Story of Stuff" web-video, Annie Leonard explained some of the downside of consumerism to a lot of Americans. Now with her "Story of Citizens United" video, she explains why she and many others believe the corporate personhood extended by the 2010 Citizens United vs FEC Supreme Court decision threatens the U.S. democratic system of government. She calls on Americans to pass a Constitutional Amendment clarifying that the First Amendment granting the right to free expression is not meant to include corporations.

Ellsberg calls Assange and Manning heroes, lets Clinton off hook

Blogger-troublemaker-muckraker and sometime L.A. radio host Brad Friedman Wednesday nabbed Daniel Ellsberg for an interview. Ellsberg, the Defense Department analyst who leaked the 1960s...

Sherrod to sue Breitbart, joins ACORN employees in seeking redress

AP reports that Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod has declared she will sue right-wing activist publisher Andrew Breitbart for posting a tendentious blog and...

Tuesday Link Dump: Has 4Chan hobbled Gawker?

Gawker called out 4Chan.org's notorious /b/ message board for singling out an 11 year old YouTuber and posting her personal info on the web....

WATCH: Controversial Karl Rove-Code Pink book tour coming to Colorado

Former Bush Adviser and GOP top strategy man Karl Rove's book tour is coming to Littleton and Colorado Springs this weekend. Will he be...
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