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Analysts baffled by Colorado GOP abortion politics ‘strategery’

"It’s a mystery as to how it serves their interests to have a bill that most centrist voters perceive as extreme and that will be quickly killed at the capitol."

C’mon already! The Brady Amendment is just personhood

What do you get when you combine the claim of protecting women, a vague ballot initiative concerning “unborn human beings,” and an email with the subject line, “Praise God! 139,650 Signatures Submitted”? You get a an even-year Colo. election.

Anti-abortion group’s ballot initiative never mentions abortion

It's the fourth attempt by personhood groups since 2010 to pass a state constitutional amendment here that would grant "unborn human persons" legal rights. This one takes a different tack.

Republican Recall Candidates Hit with Abortion Politics Mailers

Campaign mailers underlining the anti-abortion views of Republican state senate candidates Bernie Herpin and George Rivera reportedly landed in southern Front Range voter mailboxes over the last two days, stoking flames in the already hot recall elections organized in response to gun-control legislation passed in the spring.
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