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Haggard to speak at Albuquerque church on struggles with ‘confused sexuality’

Road trip! Fallen pastor Ted Haggard is coming to Albuquerque to speak at New Life City this Friday through Saturday, writes our New Mexico Independent colleague Matthew Reichbach.

Haas says New Life reneged on payoff amid new Haggard sex-drug...

The latest sordid episode of Pastor Ted Haggard's sex-and-drug peccadilloes now includes allegations that New Life Church reneged on its offer to provide financial comfort to a young male parishioner who was the object of the evangelical leader's lewd affections. I just hope AP religion reporter Eric Gorski got some combat pay for having to report the details of Haggard's no-hands tryst.

UPDATED: The compleat Ted Haggard sex, drugs and hush money timeline

Need a scorecard to keep track of the latest Ted Haggard-New Life Church scandals? We've got you covered.

Mike Jones speaks out on latest Haggard/New Life scandal

Mike Jones, the Denver man who brought national evangelical leader Pastor Ted Haggard to his knees, released a video yesterday criticizing New Life Church for paying "hush money" in a now-revealed tryst with a young male church member and ignoring his claims of more victims. He also wants an apology from the church for being treated like "a useless piece of meat."

New gay sex scandal embroils New Life and Ted Haggard

Fresh revelations have emerged that disgraced evangelical leader Ted Haggard had a previously undisclosed cash-for-sex relationship with a young male New Life Church volunteer.

Bad news for McCain in Colorado Springs, Times blogger finds

A New York Times blogger discovers the news is not good for John McCain in Colorado Springs, where a lifelong Republican on the city council says she is abandoning her party's nominee to vote for Barack Obama this year. Further endangering McCain's prospects in Colorado's largest Republican stronghold, the pastor who replaced former GOP heavyweight Ted Haggard leading one of the city's largest mega-churches is staying on the sidelines, urging his flock to vote "for any political party."

Amid the Latest Haggard Scandal, A New Chapter

As Ted Haggard's cash-for-heaven scheme quickly dissolved around him this week, the church that the fallen pastor started 23 years ago in his basement,...

Ted’s Gone, But The Haggard House Remains

New Life Church has rolled out Pastor Brady Boyd, who will be taking the helm of Colorado's largest mega-church and possibly ending the long...
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