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State Democratic leaders issue statements on bin Laden’s death

Democratic leaders of the Colorado General Assembly and Gov. John Hickenlooper released statements today praising President Barack Obama and members of the armed forces who orchestrated and performed the military operation that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden.

Redistricting talks may have come to an end without agreement

Senator Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, said today that he would likely introduce two redistricting map bills into the Senate after committee talks broke down on redistricting. Heath said there was no reason for further conversations with Republicans, who he said did not have authority to negotiate.

Redistricting recommendations issued–still without bipartisan consensus

Redistricting co-chair Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, has issued a Democratic report stressing the need for competitive districts, and said a bill would likely be introduced in the Legislature this week. Republican leaders, in turn, issued their own statements chastising Democratic efforts.

Senate President Shaffer accuses Speaker McNulty of running House members as...

Senate President Brandon Shaffer, D-Longmont, today charged Speaker of the House Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch, with using House Republicans as his personal agents.

Redistricting committee erupts in partisanship

Opening shots were fired Friday in what started as an attempt at bipartisan civility in charting the future of Colorado Congressional representation but ended in bipartisan name calling that did anything but create a basis for impartial redistricting discussions.

Tax checkoff bill could bring minor relief to schools

Senate committee pass two bills to provide better funding for education. Legislators say voters need to be aware that education funding is quickly falling to crisis levels.

Budget long bill still in dispute–process shrouded in secrecy

The long bill, scheduled to drop over a week ago and again expected to hit the floor of the Senate Monday, is still hung up in the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) where Senate Democrats say House Republicans have been unwilling to budge on tax breaks.

Bill to slow sex trafficking in Colorado passes committee

The Senate Judiciary Committee took one step yesterday toward ending sex trafficking in Colorado, a crime that many do not know exists but which traps girls, many of them born and raised in Colorado, at an average starting age of 12 to 14 years old.

Brandon Shaffer brings bill to fight prostitution

Drive slowly down Colfax some evening and look closely at the action on the corners. You know you'll see hookers. You'll probably see johns. Look a little closer, though, and what will you see? Pay attention and you will see that many of the prostitutes should be home doing homework--middle school homework. Think about that.

Wisconsin protesters in Denver jeer and jibe across thin blue line

Protests erupted Tuesday as Tea Party and free market activists clashed with union members, politicians and union supporters who had gathered on the steps of the State Capitol to rally against Wisconsin legislation to eliminate collective bargaining for many of that state’s workforce.
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