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Greeley school board member and anti-MLK DJ Reese slapped with restraining...

Greeley police Thursday served controversial local school board member Brett Reese with a restraining order. Officers were acting on a request filed by Greeley radio station KFKA owner and General Manager Justin Sasso, who said Reese made a phone call to the station threatening a "shoot out." Reese told media outlets this week that he would carry his .45 caliber pistol with him even to school board meetings to defend himself against would-be attackers. He said he has received threats since news broke that he was airing a white-nationalist anti-Martin Luther King Jr message at his own "Pirate" radio station in Greeley. Reese reportedly threatened Sasso with the "shoot out" after KFKA began wooing Reese's Pirate radio advertisers.

Greeley school board member sticking with white supremacist anti-MLK broadcasts

Brett Reese, a school board member in Greeley-Evans district six, said from now on he's wearing his pistol to board meetings. He said he's receiving death threats in response to the white-nationalist anti-Martin Luther King Jr. message he has been broadcasting in his day job as a disc jockey at Greeley's 104.7 "The Pirate" radio station.
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