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Wiretap: Kareem Abdul Jabbar warns: More Baltimores are coming

Three points Kareem Abdul Jabbar writes that Baltimore is not an anomaly and that the economic conditions in cities like Baltimore mean there are more Baltimores...

High Noon: Denver fracking, Stewart-Williams, Ryan Call agonistes

"Not to spoil the ending, but Brian Williams isn’t coming back. This is like a family telling their kids that their dog has gone to play on a beautiful farm far away."

Wiretap: Jon Stewart drops mic; Brian Williams suspended, gets NYPosted

It's actually true: Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show. And liberals and other Stewart fans have no idea how they're going to get...

Wiretap: Seeing your jihad with our religion war

Peter Beinart asks in the Atlantic whether America is at war with radical Islam. But a better question, he says, is whether saying we're...

Wiretap: An upside in the unbearable horror of ISIS

The latest ISIS atrocity has brought about that rare thing -- a sense of unity, and joint revulsion, among the many rival factions in...

VIDEO: Local teacher to be featured in NBC’s Teacher Town Hall

Sunday at 10 am, Becky Martinez, a teacher at Denver's Bruce Randolph School, will take the stage at Rockefeller Center in New York City as a participant in a national Teacher Town hall, hosted by NBC's Brian Williams and covered live by the network.
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