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VIDEO: Polis attacks GOP over funding Bridge to Nowhere

Congressman Jared Polis today blasted House Republicans for continuing to fund Alaska's "Bridges to Nowhere." He likened the undead earmark spending, famously supported and then not supported by Sarah Palin, as something out of a bad horror film.

Ohio crowd spared half-truths Palin told in Colorado

Maybe the ferocious response to the Blackberry story scared her off. Maybe she was just pressed for time. Or maybe Sarah Palin has decided to stop telling tall tales in her campaign speeches.

Obama: McCain-Palin bridge ad ‘continues to repeat the lie’

Using unusually strong language against "The Original Mavericks," a new McCain-Palin ad that began airing Monday in Colorado and other battleground states, the Obama campaign said a claim that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin fought against the Bridge to Nowhere is a lie. Barack Obama countered with an ad of his own today.

Palin spans truth with ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ claim

Oops, she did it again. Accepting the Republican nomination for vice president Wednesday night in St. Paul, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin repeated a false claim about her opposition to the notorious Bridge to Nowhere, an emblematic boondoggle widely derided by foes of Congressional earmarks.
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