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Jared Polis taps former Broomfield Rep. Dianne Primavera as running mate

Jared Polis has chosen as his gubernatorial running mate Dianne Primavera, former Broomfield state legislator and current CEO of Susan G. Komen Colorado. The Twitter...

Big money fails to stop Broomfield oil and gas measure

Despite an aggressive, high-dollar campaign from the oil and gas industry, Broomfield voters Tuesday overwhelmingly passed a measure to allow more local control over...

FRACTURED: Undermining Broomfield

Broomfield resident and psychologist Lois VanderKooi was relaxing at home earlier this month after a long day working in her private practice. She spread...

Littwin: Adding “bullying a fifth grader” to the Boy Scout code

Let’s be clear what happened here. According to the facts as we know them, a bullying Cub Scout leader kicked an 11-year-old boy out...

Broomfield votes down fracking moratorium, praises driller

Broomfield City Council last night struck down a proposed six-month moratorium on fracking by a vote of 6-3, ending a lengthy and contentious public...

Digging in to Broomfield’s must-watch Gray/Nelson House race

Some of the most contentious issues in this year’s legislative session, like transportation and fracking, have a happy home in House District 33, which...

Tancredo will be Tancredo

The Colorado GOP’s nightmare is coming true. Tom Tancredo, unfazed by the candidates running against him, is speeding toward victory in the primary race for governor.  

Map plots boomtime drilling spills (lots of them) in Colorado

Election season will heat up. The battle for local control over the oil-and gas industry will rage. And drilling will continue at its breakneck pace , which will mean more accidents and spills.

GOP Caucus-goers in Broomfield rev up to ‘take back their county’

"Who's ready to send Dianne Primavera home? I want you to remember how you felt last year when Dianne Primavera was voting away our Second Amendment rights."

Wiretap: Paul Krugman was not watching TV this weekend

Things happened over the weekend other than the Broncos game and the Grammys. Not that anyone -- except apparently New York Times economist Paul Kruger -- is interested in anything else.