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Wiretap: Obamacare still seeking bros, ladybros

Right now, only 24 percent of insurees fall into the 18-34 age group. Obamacare is shooting for 38 percent.

Is Cory Gardner trying to be the new Ted Cruz?

He's the young star of the Colorado Republican Party, I know, but here's a tip for Rep. Gardner: You can't be Tea Party darling Ted Cruz right now and also be the governor of or a U.S. senator from Colorado some day.

Wiretap: Gardner’s Capitol Hill Obamacare-derangement episode

He got himself in front of the nation's cameras -- and did a giant pratfall. Grilling HHS Secretary Sibelius at the Obamacare hearings, Gardner focused on the Colorado Brosurance kegger ad, which Sebelius, of course, has nothing do with.