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Critics say beer law could cause microbrews to run dry

Craft brewers and liquor store owners Wednesday argued against a billthat would see convenience stores across the state able to expand their offerings to include full-strength beer. While liquor store owners said the sudden expansion of the market could cause layoffs, and craft brewers predicted a reduction in one of Colorado's growing industries, legislators said their recent approval of Sunday beer sales had stripped convenience stoires of needed revenue.

New scam takes advantage of Secretary of State’s business filing system

DENVER - Secretary of State Bernie Buescher and Attorney General John Suthers Thursday announced they're teaming up fight a new form of impersonation: business identity theft. Both officials explained the decade-old Secretary of State's business filing system, which has no password or PIN protections, has been exploited criminals changing contact names of at least 25 companies in Colorado, allowing the perpetrators to create and use those companies' lines of credit and steal more than $750,000.

Colorado guv candidates agree on jobs, differ on oil industry regulation

DENVER—In their first appearance together, Colorado's three major gubernatorial candidates on Tuesday agreed that jobs and the economy are the dominant issues in this year’s election. Republicans Dan Maes and Scott McInnis championed the oil and gas industry in the state and decried regulation. Democrat John Hickenlooper said the ongoing British Petroleum oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico-- already the worst environmental catastrophe in U.S. history and as devastating to Gulf state industries as it may prove to be to BP-- demonstrated that smart regulation meant simply ensuring "best practices" for the oil and gas industry in the state.

On tour, Hickenlooper touts practical approach to economic recovery

On Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper's campaign across the state, whether in formal settings with industry leaders or at random meet-and-greets in bars and restaurants, one issue cuts across all voter demographics and comes up again and again: the economy.

Stupak amendment: A Catholic Church money maker

Pass the kind of national health reform that brings in the vast ranks of the uninsured and you increase the number of consumers in...

Ritter touts long-term economic strategy in ‘State of the State’ address

DENVER-- In a "state of the state" address at a Rotary Club polio benefit Thursday, Governor Ritter said natural gas and nuclear energy should be embraced as part of a clean energy portfolio, that he was "agnostic" on whether schools should be public or charter, and that he would ask voters to eliminate the budgetary constraints caused by the state's Taxpayer Bill of Rights should he be elected to a second term.

Gas Hikes Hits Secondary, Auto-related Industries

The price of gas hit a new high yesterday, which will affect what drivers see, in addition to what they spend, while on the...

Ballot Measures Stir Small-Business Concerns

While labor groups have submitted a slew of proposals for the 2008 state ballot countering a "right-to-work" initiative that would make it harder for...

Wireless No More: ISP Shuts Down on Short Notice

On March 28, about 6,000 Denver-area Ricochet customers woke up to discontinued Internet service. Since notice was emailed late the night before, it's unclear...

Businesses Tax Themselves to Revitalize Aurora Strip

Taxes are bad for business, or so the conventional "wisdom" goes, but a group of small-business owners in Aurora are the most recent entrepreneurs...
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