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Pot regulators tracking plants play down privacy concerns

The division says public fears are understandable but unsubstantiated. "I mean we get it. We understand it is very personal private information. We’ve really done all that we can to keep the MITS database protected."

Marijuana DUI bill rises from the ashes, expected to pass

On Friday, a bill to make it easier to charge stoned drivers with DUI rose from the dead and is now expected to pass by Wednesday.

THC DUI bill moves forward, passing out of committee

Medical Marijuana patients and recreational users of the drug filled the Old Supreme Court chambers of the Capitol Thursday as they emotionally testified against a bill to make driving while high a DUI per se. The bill passed 6-3.

Bipartisan bill would set THC limit for Colorado drivers

A bill that sets a legal limit of how much THC individuals can have in their blood before being considered too impaired to drive is making its way through the general assembly.

Sparks fly in the House around proposed pot patient videotape law

A tense exchange Thursday sidetracked a House amendment that would end a proposed requirement that medical marijuana patients for tax purposes hold up their ID cards to be videotaped during dispensary visits. An advocate for the amendment managed to so antagonize amendment sponsor Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling, that Sonnenberg pitched the amendment in the trash.

Colorado edible marijuana bill not a brownie killer

A bill that might have outlawed edible marijuana in Colorado was pulled for revisions Thursday before it came before committee. HB 1250's very presence on the docket spurred an immediate backlash from the medical marijuana community.

Marijuana petition denied by Board of Health

The Colorado Board of Health Wednesday denied the Cannabis Therapy Institute's Petition for Emergency Rules to Protect Patient Privacy on the grounds that the issue did not constitute an emergency as defined in the state Administrative Procedure Act.

Suit filed to overturn marijuana laws

A suit filed with the Colorado Supreme Court Wednesday seeks to overturn parts of two laws passed by the legislature last year and signed by Governor Bill Ritter in June.

In wake of California defeat, pro-pot Colorado groups set sights on...

Although California's Proposition 19 failed to pass this election, supporters of legalizing recreational marijuana use in Colorado have already started campaigning for the 2012...

Romer pot bill looks to put new controls in place, sparks...

Denver-- State Sens. Chris Romer, D-Denver, and Nancy Spence, R-Centennial, introduced legislation today that would more strictly regulate the medical marijuana industry. The controversial bill includes language that, among other things, would circumscribe doctor-patient relationships and payment, require patient records be set aside for state review and set up a seven-member panel to review prescriptions written to anyone under 21. Marijuana rights advocates have already taken a strong stance against the proposed regulations and are urging supporters to call on state lawmakers to vote against the bill.
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