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New Mexico establishes 3-percent carbon cap

New Mexico's Environmental Improvement Board on Monday passed a program designed to cut down on the carbon emissions from the state’s largest greenhouse gas...

Udall ‘disappointed’ in Reid decision to scrap climate bill

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall Thursday reacted with “disappointment” to the decision by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to pull the plug on a comprehensive...

House Democrats battle new emissions standards… again

Even as some House Democrats moved closer last week to installing first-of-a-kind limits on the carbon emissions blamed for global warming, others are in a full-court press to kill a separate White House effort to curb those same greenhouse gasses.

Advocates say energy bill too watered down to make a big...

Henry Waxman, D-Calif., may not “have the nuts” to pass the American Clean Energy and Security Act (at least according to his GOP counterpart on the House Energy and Commerce Committee), but some Colorado environmentalists say the bill itself doesn’t have the teeth it needs to truly transform America’s energy infrastructure.

Texas Republican: Waxman ‘doesn’t have the nuts’ to pass energy bill

The global warming debate is heating up in the House, leading to the kind of quirky moments that are a common feature of life on the Hill.

Colorado likely to play critical role in shaping clean-energy bill

Colorado’s New Energy Economy will serve as a model and its congressional delegation as a catalyst for a comprehensive energy bill currently being hashed out in two U.S. House committees, according one Denver-based environmental advocate closely tracking the legislation.
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