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Colorado’s new informed-consent bill celebrated as tool to fight racial profiling

DENVER-- On Monday lawmakers and civil rights activists celebrated Governor Bill Ritter signing into law the so-called informed consent bill, which requires police to tell people they have a right to refuse to be searched during interaction with authorities. Although the bill drew rare bipartisan support in the fractious legislature this session, supporters were concerned that Ritter, a long-time tough District Attorney loath to dilute law enforcement power, might veto the bill. He didn't, which was cause for celebration.

Ferrandino weighs taking on payday loan industry in Colorado

The payday loan industry gouges Coloradans like it does Americans across the country, targeting mostly low-income single women, including military spouses. Denver Democratic state Rep. Mark Ferrandino tried and failed to introduce legislation in 2008 that would have curbed the worst of the abuses, where desperate borrowers take loans at hundreds of percent interest and enter a debt cycle they rarely are able to exit. Ferrandino may try it again this year.

Arrest at Denver pot rally punctuates racial profiling complaints

DENVER-- Less than 30 minutes after Colorado Progressive Action co-executive director Carlos Valverde, Jr., spoke on the sad reality of racial profiling in drug-related...

Affirmative-action defenders slam Jessica Peck Corry

A Colorado campaign to defend affirmative affirmative action programs against a ballot initiative that seeks to destroy them has some harsh words for its opponents. With just six weeks and counting until voters are asked to weigh in on the controversially named Colorado Civil Rights Initiative, the Vote No campaign has dropped its lawsuit against its rivals and opted instead for a concentrated advertising campaign.
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