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Theresa Spahn endorses Romer for mayor

Former candidate for Denver mayor Theresa Spahn on Thursday endorsed Chris Romer for mayor. Spahn, always a dark horse candidate nonetheless appealed to certain element of the electorate who appreciated her low-key intelligence and thoughtful approach to issues.

Boigon drops out of mayor’s race: endorses Michael Hancock

Carol Boigon announced this morning that she was ending her campaign for Denver mayor and endorsing Michael Hancock.

Denver mayoral race trains spotlight on city police force

Denver police may be facing a shakedown if Denver mayoral candidates adhere to statements made Thursday night. During a forum held by community advocates, most mayoral candidates vowed to ensure transparency, change flawed practices of the past and improve community policing efforts.

Smooth like that, Linkhart survives alt-Denver mayoral debate

Doug Linkhart is the survivor. He won the reality-TV-style alt-Denver Mayoral debate hosted last night by NewEra Colorado, OneColorado and Planned Parenthood-- the best candidate forum everâ„¢. The Montclair-neighborhood Democrat, an at-large city councilman and former state representative and senator took a laid-back Linkhart approach to the event. He coasted through early rounds of questioning and shined at the end, espousing an updated version of a 1960s platform that would shift focus and resources from prisons to schools, turbocharge green energy development and implementation in the city and legalize pot.

Boigon begins petition drive to stop raises

Denver City Council member and candidate for mayor Carol Boigon has launched a petition drive, calling on other candidates and officials to refuse the pay raises recently approved by the Denver City Council.

Linkhart, Hancock vote for Denver Council pay raises; Boigon votes against

Denver's City Council last night voted themselves a 6.6 percent pay raise, from just over $78,000 a year to just over $83,000, taking effect in steps with the initial raise implemented in 2013 and the full raise not in place until 2014. Two of three mayoral candidates on the council voted for the raise.

VIDEO: Boigon unveils first mayoral TV ad of the season

Carol Boigon today unveiled what she says is the first TV ad by any of the Denver mayoral candidates.

Doug Linkhart to be top name on Denver mayoral ballot

Drawing names randomly out of a bowl last night, it was determined that Doug Linkhart's name will be listed first on ballots for Denver Mayor.

Romer leads Denver’s mayoral fundraising pack

If it's about the money (and isn't it always?), then the field of candidates for Denver mayor may be narrowing a bit. In reports filed with the Denver Clerk and Recorder's office, five candidates emerged as being reasonably well funded. Four of them, though, received significant boosts either from personal loans or from money raised for other races.

Denver mayoral race starts to heat up as candidates trot out...

If the Denver mayor's race has been less than exciting so far, it probably isn't from a lack of effort on the part of the candidates. The Colorado Independent gets press releases on a nearly daily basis from one or more of them, announcing rallies, public appearances, fundraising totals and endorsements. While the first fundraising reports do not have to be filed until Jan. 31, two candidates have announced unofficial totals. Michael Hancock said he has raised $265,000 and James Mejia's campaign said he had raised $208,500 through the end of 2010.
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