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Dean of the GOP delegation Lamborn settling into role

Rep. Doug Lamborn — now the dean of Colorado’s Republican congressional delegation — has settled comfortably into his new role, if the ramped up communications coming from his Washington headquarters are any indication.

Candidates go toe-to-toe with cardboard Lamborn

A life-size, cardboard cutout stood in for Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn at a debate with his challengers, Democrat Hal Bidlack and American Constitution Party candidate Brian Scott, on Wednesday night in Colorado Springs. Bidlack has been showing up at events with the cardboard Lamborn to point out the 5th Congressional District incumbent's refusal to show up at joint campaign events.

Doug Lamborn, after months of silence, emerges victorious

He was the quintessential invisible candidate. He ducked the limelight. He ignored the bloody primary battle between fellow Republicans Jeff Crank and Bentley Rayburn. He refused even to debate them, and even to talk with some local press. In his re-election bid, Doug Lamborn bypassed the formal nominating process — unheard of for an incumbent politician. And guess what? It worked. The day after the primary, Lamborn the winner popped his head out of the hole, picked up the telephone and called the Colorado Independent to talk about current events — and what he’s got cooking in Washington.

Alan Philp, Eliot Spitzer Spice Up Jeff Crank’s Campaign

It was all fun and games, what with disgraced former New York Gov. Eliot "Client 9" Spitzer joining both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama...

GOP Polls: Foley/Hastert Matters; Musgrave Struggling

According to Fox News: "The data suggests Americans have bailed on the speaker," a Republican source briefed on the polling data told FOX News....

Armey Declares War on Colorado Candidates

FreedomWorks, a Texas-based political action committee which was active in the failed anti-Referenda C & D campaign in 2005, is back for more in...

UPDATE: Rocky Botches CD-5 Results

A response from the Rocky Mountain News is detailed bellow. It was primary night. Parties were being held, candidates were determining their fates, and the...

Disregard Polls at Your Peril

Political surveys are often more accurate than pundits.  This election's two Congressional races, and a state senate primary race proved that this election cycle. ...

Live Blogging: Six-Ring Circus in CD5

Editor's Note: Cara will be updating this thread throughout the evening with news from CD5. In this night on pins and needles, the joke that...


Every one of the candidates proclaim feeling really, really good about today's primary. But no one - not a soul - knows who's going...
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