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Highway project reminds Western Coloradans: Coal is tanking

The swooping concrete arch rising out of the barren lands between Delta and Hotchkiss is a jaw-dropping upgrade on a mostly two-lane rural highway...

Colorado anti-drugged driving campaign announced

Friday, the Colorado Department of Transportation launched an anti-drugged driving campaign aimed at educating people about the dangers--and illegality--of driving while on drugs.

More efficient cars creating challenges for highway funding

Most highway construction and maintenance today gets paid for at the pump, in the form of gas and diesel taxes, both state and federal. So how will electric cars pay their share?

Bill would open CDOT’s books to public inspection via web

A bill that would give Colorado voters better access to information on Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) spending is making its way through the Senate. HB11-1002 sponsored by B.J. Nikkel, R-Loveland would see an almost line-item presentation of the data.

California highway experts say Hick’s I-70 trucking restrictions could fly

The Colorado Independent on Friday reported that gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper had floated the idea of restricting large truck traffic on I-70 west of Denver during peak hours as a way of alleviating congestion on holiday weekends or on busy ski weekends. The story also quoted a Colorado Department of Transportation spokesman saying that the federal government would not allow such a restriction.

Sen. Kopp relishes FASTER’s slow start in funding crumbling bridge repair

In an e-Alert Thursday from coloradosenatenews.com -- a blast from the Republican state Senate minority -- Sen. Mike Kopp, R-Littleton, gushed about the lack...

Colorado air-quality programs lose $31.5 million

Programs designed to improve Colorado's air quality are taking the biggest hit from a significant federal take-back of transportation funds that occurred at the end of September.

I-70 Toll Tanks, Rail Resuscitated, but is There Political Will?

Even as an Interstate 70 toll proposal came to a screeching halt and simultaneously the concept of a mountain rail corridor got a big...

CDOT Fights Over Mineral Rights

Who owns the mineral rights under an interstate highway?There are 70 acres under I-70 asphalt between Rifle and Silt that the Colorado Department of...

Russell George Ready to Map CDOT’s Future

Russell George's retirement from state government service lasted 12 days. He lost his job as the executive director of the Department of Natural Resources...
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