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Judge nixes citizenship question on Census, but immigrant groups are ‘skeptical...

Minority and civil rights activists applauded Tuesday’s court decision overruling the Trump administration’s plan to include a question regarding citizenship status on the 2020...

Number of American poor higher than previously thought

The U.S. Census Bureau’s alternative Supplemental Poverty Measure — “a new measure of poverty to complement the official measure,” released this week — shows that 49.1 million Americans were poor in 2010, “more than the 46.6 million using the official definition of poverty.”

Denver kicks off census outreach, laying ground for big count

DENVER-- To the strains of the West High symphony and choir and to the shouts of the Thomas Jefferson High cheerleading squad, advocates for the 2010 Census rallied metro-area residents at a kickoff celebration for the nation's coming coast-to-coast constitutionally mandated once-per-decade body counting operation. The celebration was held at Denver Inner City Parish, an educational nonprofit in the heart of the city. The speaker roster and content of the talks made it clear that officials were making certain in particular to court members of Denver's "hard to reach" Latino population.
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